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Museum No: XVIII:vii:7   

Year: 1927


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Clinical data:

This patient was a 34 year old white man, one of a whole family who were poisoned by eating mushrooms. He presented with pain in the abdomen, vomiting, slight jaundice and was at first comatose but later regained consciousness, only to succumb a few days later. 


The original autopsy notes describes the liver as enlarged and showing much subcapsular haemorrhage. Cut surface showed areas of very intense congestion, and elsewhere it was very yellow in colour and intensely fatty.

The lungs showed scattered subpleural haemorrhages and there was a large haemorrhage into the upper lobe of the right lung. Fatty change of the myocardium and kidneys were also found at autopsy.


Microscopy of the liver showed innumerable small, yellow areas of necrosis throughout, the tissue in between showing an appearance resembling that of passive congestion.


See also specimen  XVIII:vii:6  (Family member)