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Museum No: XVIII:iii:18   

Year: 1983


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Clinical data:

The patient was a 46 year old black man who presented with a history of severe diarrhoea and weakness. On examination he was severely shocked and dehydrated, and succumbed shortly after admission to hospital.


His liver is obviously enlarged; its cut surface demonstrates the presence of several amoebic abscesses varying from 1 to 7cm in diameter. At autopsy, the abscesses were found to be filled with the reddish-brown anchovy sauce-like material typical of amoebic liver abscess. In addition, an extensive venous infarct is visible.


Because of marked autolytic changes, Entamoeba histolytica trophozoites could not definitely be identified, but there is nevertheless little doubt that this is morphologically a classical example of amoebic hepatic disease.

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